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We provide services nationwide for homeowners who have mortgages that are "underwater" based on current home values.
Our proven step-by-step process can help you find your best options as you seek a permanent solution to your mortgage situation. Take time to learn about our services - read through the information below and "watch the video". 

" Keeping Your Home In Your Hands " 2014 Program Update

Great news - the "REST Report" is now included in our program to provide you all the best available options. CLICK HERE

12/25/13 (yes I am "working" today)
How much happier would your holidays be if your biggest "bill", your mortgage payment, was reduced and your mortgage balance was actually lower than your current property value? Find out if we can help you find a permanent solution to your mortgage problem as we have for many other folks.
Contact us at 800.380.8393 and ask for Bruce Inman - if I am unavailable ask for Darrell Rigley -- we are here to help.
10/28/13 Now homeowners who have received their completed mortgage audits will be able to secure the services of qualified attorneys with NO retainer fee and NO monthly fee. 
Negotiations will be done for you and there is NO charge unless you agree to accept the settlement your attorney is able to obtain. Click Here to register with no charge or obligation.

10/03/2013 Agreement updated with Money Back Guarantee

Today it was announced that in the updated Agreement from Trimark Financial Solutions there will be a written provision for a Money Back GUARANTEE/REFUND for those homeowners that choose to purchase the complete mortgage audit services after the no-charge prequalification.

What are our customers saying? CLICK HERE 
Click Here to register with no charge or obligation. Our Team is dedicated to finding a permanent solution for your distressed mortgage. We represent leading service providers nationwide and will match you with the best available program for your situation.

Watch This Video!

VIDEO about the mortgage settlement and bank fraud Monday February 27, 2012 update on loan modifications       "strategic default" and just walking away may not be that easy

NOTE: Bruce Inman does not and will not offer legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice. If that is what you need, seek the services of a professional. Advice and assistance is provided based on my affiliation with the service providers as an independent marketing representative. I am a real estate agent licensed since 1988, with an active FL license # SL643176.